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Analysis of ICT projects in H2020

21 Dec , 2015  

Using this publication from the European Commission, ODS study-Unizar using Kampal Research is analyzing ICT projects in H2020. It is possible to see relationships among entities. For each maps, different filters can be applied and time evolution can be analyzed.   This tool is accesible using this link. 

Research and technology


1 Sep , 2015  

Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network Sustainable governance of our biological resources demands reliable scientific knowledge to be accessible and applicable to the needs of society. The fact that current biodiversity observation systems and environmental datasets are unbalanced in coverage and not well integrated brings the need of a new system which will facilitate access […]


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3 Jul , 2015  

Aquatic ecosystems are characterized by an extraordinary mix of human activities, e.g.: tourism, fishing and industry (petrochemical plants and aquaculture, etc.). Given the frequently conflicting interests between conservation and exploitation, the fate of aquatic ecosystems is often a hot political issue. The attitudes and values of stakeholders in environmental issues are an essential part of […]

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real time monitoring ODS hashtags

23 Mar , 2015  

Click on this link for real time, real world (ODS-related hashtags) tracking/measuring/interpreting. * At this moment we only have the Spanish website and the set of hashtags is fixed. Stay tuned for a incoming refinements on this data capture and analysis platform. Detail of the community of users using hashtags related to Open Digital Science […]

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