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STARTS: Science, Technology and the ARTS

2 Jul , 2015   Video

STARTS – Innovation at the nexus of Science, Technology and the ARTS Initiative of EC in DG CONNECT in Research/Innovation and education.

Ultimate goal of STARTS: Inclusion of artists in many of H2020 projects.
Bringing artists into development teams as an integral component of the innovation process Bringing artists into ICT companies as facilitators and work environment designers

How to achieve this goal?

Coordination activities that allow artists and engineers/scientists to interact:
Fund residences of artists in technology and of scientists in art institutions. Matchmaking events: artists meet engineers/scientists (7 on 7 events)

Cross-Sectorial Curricula: Promote technology- Arts links in higher education STARTS prize to give visibility to innovation rooted in links with the Arts

Two categories (each awarded 20.000Euros):
Appropriation by the Arts has altered use, or perception of technology Collaborations of industry with the Arts opening new pathways for innovation.


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