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8 Sep , 2015  

The Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) journal publishes all outputs of the research cycle, including: project proposals, data, methods, workflows, software, project reports and research articles together on a single collaborative platform, with the most transparent, open and public peer-review process. Our scope encompasses all areas of academic research, including science, technology, humanities and the social sciences.

RIO aims to catalyse change in research communication by publishing ideas, proposals and outcomes in a comprehensive way. By doing so, we hope to increase transparency, trust and efficiency of the whole research ecosystem.

Our key goals are to maximise:


RIO aims at making better use of the vast effort spent on writing and evaluating research proposals and other valuable products of the research cycle. It harnesses the full value of investment in the academic system by registering, reviewing, publishing and permanently archiving a wider variety of research outputs than aren’t traditionally made public.

Speed and Efficiency

By making these outputs public, we will expedite the process of evaluating proposed and performed research, opening up new mechanisms for collaboration, feedback, appraisal, dissemination and funding.

Real-World Impact

Research Ideas and Outcomes creates and strengthens links within and across fields of research by placing special emphasis on how research addresses the challenges that our global society is facing.

Transparency and Trust

We are committed to an entirely open and public peer-review process. We are convinced that this is the best way to build trust in the reviewed outcomes.




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