Research Data in Practice

21 Dec , 2015  

The development and establishment of information infrastructures for research data have been important topics for a number of years. The aim of this funding initiative – a practical test, so to speak – is to investigate and consistently utilise the scientific potential of these information infrastructures.

The announcement offers researchers, working in close collaboration with representatives of information infrastructures in all disciplines, the opportunity to examine research questions primarily through the use or secondary use of existing research data. Ideally the research topic should be suited to demonstrating the capability of different research data repositories in terms of interoperable networking.

For the participating information infrastructures, this initiative offers the chance to demonstrate and if appropriate optimise their potential, particularly through their functionality in the context of interoperability and technical connectedness. The project funding is intended to enable infrastructures to undertake the necessary system adaptations, initially for this project, but they must be generic enough to be useful to future scientific projects too.



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