Will amateurs perform for science?

ScenariosCategory: ScienceWill amateurs perform for science?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

When Claudia arrived to the Madeira airport she updated the ImHereApp which she uses every day to track her movement while monitoring how much energy and calories are consumed globally. This app also helps her to schedule best routes using collective voting systems in real time. Claudia is a veterinarian post-doc who is travelling with Julia, her principal researcher. They work for a public-private research institution with the focus on new pharmaceutical compounds. They are travelling for a participatory event promoted within ScienceFlex, a virtual community of citizen science. Julia is going to present her experience using the augmented reality SharedLAb tool for virtual meetings and remote synchronized activities. Claudia, who is even more excited, is more interested in the excursions, workshops and lectures, even cultural and social activities.
Their first activity is an excursion to the Wild Island where they visit a portion of the island with thousands of sensors and electronic devices installed in the wild. They go with Francisco, the researcher in charge of this installation. This installation is quite popular: last month they reached their 1.000.000 volunteer who analysed one of their pictures taken in the shore. “Last week, we reached our volunteer number 1.5 Milion – a woman from Lithuania- who helped us to identify one mini orchid, can you believe it?”
Next day, they have a pop-up event about environmental diversity organized by CoWildMad, the regional institution devoted to promote citizen engagement in science under its open programme for public health monitoring. The event takes place in a socio-cultural centre in one little town in the northern side of the island, far from tourism. It is co-organized by several local communities (farmers, retired people, local crafters and artists…). Only few of them are used to work with low-cost-but-accurate sensors, but they know very well their surrounding environment. One of the most active moderators is Matthew, a passionate who is traveling all around the world supporting this kind of events and who came to Madeira supported by the Citizen Science Relationship Office from Lisbon.
The list of topics to address was open one month ago using an open source wiki-survey so that everybody could share their problems and ideas to develop reaching more than 50 concerns, some of them were subject of intense debate. From this list of topics, Claudia was especially attracted about the necessity to monitor one species of insect which during last year was creating some problems for the irrigation system, as this insect collapsed the stagnant water in the backyard of several neighbourhoods.
Scientifically this challenge is interesting for her so she joins a table with 10 local actors and other 7 researchers to work around that little insect. Some people came very well prepared with several tools already 3D printed and assembled at home. These instruments will count the number of insects using high sensitivity microphones connected to the cloud to discriminate useful data from the noise of the field recordings. They also build up a mini pool in the centre, fully equipped with sensors, to monitor micro-scale behaviour. This mini pool is used also to test first compounds to neutralize the offspring. In order to monitor the medium scale behaviour, they also set up a bunch kites, balloons and drones used to do fine grain mapping. They used the OpenData portal from the government to surround the local irrigation and piping system. Most of the code deployed is a fork of the existing code available in Code4all, one famous online repository devoted to citizen science. For the data simulations, they used Nature Mobility Models available in the Complexity@All portal. In this case they run the simulations using volunteer computing platforms at home.
Once the event is finished, the sensors are deployed and reporting data in real time. Data is useful for Claudia since they are also validated by the QualityCheck tool. Claudia applies her artificial intelligence tool to discriminate those data tagged with her methodology of interest. Surprisingly, one creative team from Brazil did a funny visualization of the data, creating a kind of cartoon in the local language. Flying back to home, they are watching these videos on the plane. Claudia says to Julia, “I am going to ask my ScienceFlex colleagues to help me right now to translate this tool so that my children also enjoy this at home with their friends”.
Research enrichment using new media and new actors. New experimental data sources (human as sensors, intra-body measurement). Crowdsourcing fine-grained level of monitoring. Validation through scientists.
Societal challenges such as climate, environment, energy or transport can not be achieved without innovation. Scientific agenda co-creation. Decrease costs of research using resources from volunteers.
Online-platform for interactive citizen science – form funding to data collection to result dissemination. Learning is not limited to schools. Researching is not limited to laboratories.
Scientific culture. Making scientific knowledge more accessible. Democratization and appropriation of procedures and results, informed consent. Self-learning.
Physical spaces as mediators.
Active role due to increased proficiency. Citizens require right skills to play an active role. Basic research marginalized, more emphasis on sexy and easy to understand topics, in particular health.

  • Simple tools
  • Access to data
  • Avoid misuse: trusted voting, reputation management
  • Avoid anti-science?

Citizens can 3-d print at home a measurement device to perform experiments worldwide.
Background/macro perspective:
How can Citizen Science be best combined with online support tools. How is it possible to attract and access large groups of citizens – for whatever purpose? How can both scientists and researchers on the one hand and citizens on the other be best supported in an interesting, non-trivial, dynamic fashion?

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