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7 Jul , 2015  

OpenSystems is a multidisciplinary group attached to the University of Barcelona (UB) that focuses on the arts and public participation as core elements of the way of doing science. Our methodology is based on community processes that seek to make the city and urban environments an open permanent science lab, although constantly evolving. Often thanks to new technologies, we are committed to multidisciplinary and horizontal research, innovation and public engagement. OpenSystems also incorporates artists into scientific groups, in a stable and fruitful way, so that they can be important pieces in the new knowledge generation process. Artistic practices facilitate, catalyse and stimulate public access to science.

OpenSystems collaborates and has collaborated with Culture Institute of Barcelona’s Department of Creativity and Innovation in the frame of the programme BarcelonaLab, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), the “Arts Santa Mònica”- Culture Ministry of the Catalan Government, the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, the Special School of Architecture of Paris, the CAPC Museum of Bordeaux, Lighthouse, Ars Electronica, Cloud9, La Caixa Foundation, the Aalto University of Helsinki, the Municipal Institute of Education of Barcelona, the Dalí Museum, the Entrepreneurship Chair at the University of Barcelona and its course with the HEC School of Montreal, among others.




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