The goal this project on Open Science — OS — is to explore whether radically different scientific practices enabled by digital technologies are emerging, what they consist of, and how they are changing the relation of science and society. In particular, the OS study analyses and stimulates openness of scientific knowledge, by and for everyone to access, acquire, and benefit from.

This study has identified main players, analysed current developments, and explored the OS vision. It will provide suggestions on how to guide and monitor the implementation such a vision. It will further suggest metrics to assess the uptake and impact of OS and will compile an initial set of quantitative and qualitative indicators. In addition, it will set up an OS observatory as a first monitoring show-case.

The study will provide recommendations for Research, Technology, Development, and Innovation policy-makers in Europe to improve both the uptake and impact of Open Science. Emerging from an interactive process involving an external Advisory Body, interviewees, participants in online consultations, and validation meeting participants, the recommendations are regarded as widely accepted in the community.

The study has a total budget of 175.400,00€ and it is jointly carried out by eutemaBIFI (University of Zaragoza) and ZSI (Center for Social Innovation).