FWF Austrian Science Fund – Top Citizen Science (TCS) Funding Initiative

15 Jan , 2016  

In consultation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW), the FWF and OeAD have issued a call for the “Top Citizen Science“ (TCS) funding initiative, which has a total endowment of € 500,000 (€ 250.000 FWF and € 250.000 OeAD). Under this call, funding will be made available for the expansion of FWF-funded research projects or OeAD-funded Sparkling Science projects which are suitable in terms of content and methods and which are to be expanded to include “citizen science” components. Citizen science includes all activities of persons whose main professional function is not to contribute to generating new research insights. In the context of this initiative, it is understood as the active involvement of citizens and their knowledge, resources and commitment in scholarly research and the generation of new scholarly insights.




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