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Future Everything

6 Jul , 2015   Video

FutureEverything is an award-winning innovation lab for digital culture and annual festival, established in Manchester in 1995. For 20 years FutureEverything has been exploring the meeting point of technology, society and culture which lies at the heart of the digital debate. Through a community network and regular events it makes connections between thinkers, developers, coders, artists, designers, urbanists and policy makers – inspiring them to experiment and to collaborate in new ways.

The FutureEverything festival brings people together to discover, share and experience new ideas for the future. Pioneering the practice of city-wide ‘festival as laboratory’ it combines a large scale cultural event – encompassing art, music and discussion – with new technology, novel research methods and playful social experiments. It has been named by The Guardian as one of the top ten ideas festivals in the world.

Year round, FutureEverything champions the role of grassroots innovation in the digital creative economy. It creates opportunities for artists, programmers and coders though regular commissions, hackdays and innovation challenges. Through its research it identifies and explores areas in which technological, creative and societal innovation could facilitate change. Through policy work and thought leadership it advocates for the creative use of open data to improve government and empower citizens and communities.

As a world-leader in the digital art sector, FutureEverything commissions artists to illustrate new ideas through creative prototypes, interactive design and participative experiences. It is seen by Arts Council England as “one of the key touch-point organisations” connecting creative communities with academic research, the business sector and policy makers.

Past FutureEverything projects include a data visualisation of the global audience response to London 2012, and work in open data that has led to new policy and infrastructure, such as DataGM, the Greater Manchester Datastore.

Current projects include EUPORIAS, a European Commission project working with the UK’s Met Office and international climate science organisations to foster a new industry of ‘climate services’, the Greater Manchester Data Synchronisation Programme, the Smart Citizen environmental sensing network and Apps for Europe, a series of local, national and EU-wide competitions to create innovative open data businesses.


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