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7 Sep , 2015  

The Centro de Arte y Tecnología de Zaragoza (etopia_) is a new generation equipment designed to host and promote creative and entrepreneur projects within the scope of 3D and multimedia contents, art, video games, design, etc.

etopia_ works simultaneously as a contemporary culture centre, a showcase of the most vanguardist artistic expressions, a workshop for creators and technologist, a specialized education space in the intersection of art and technology, an idea laboratory for the digital city and a incubator for new companies in the content sector. It aims to be an open space for the whole citizens, companies and creators interested in developing, exploring and sharing new ideas.

This is an equipment with spaces for researching, learning, trying, counting, walking, sharing.


etopia_ aims to promote a culture of the innovation that fosters companies creation and employments in new sectors related to economy digitalization and society. In order to do so, it works in five strategy lines:

  • Push for creativity under technology base
  • International leadership in developments for the digital city
  • Contribute to the change of the productive model of Zaragoza
  • Create a community of talent and social innovation
  • Realize a management oriented to economical sustainability of the project


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