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Danish Science Factory

8 Jul , 2015  

Danish Science Factory is an independent, non-profit project organisation that works to create engaging science experiences for the next generation.

We inspire the next generation
We believe that science is a powerful tool to understand and change the world for the better. This is why we feel that we can contribute to society in a meaningful way by inspiring a new generation and giving them engaging experiences with science.

Events and long-term development projects
Danish Science Factory produces a wide variety of projects. We manage big events like the annual Danish Science Week with more than 100.000 participating school children and the national Young Scientists competition. Using user-driven innovation methods, we also engage in long-term development projects in schools working with teacher training and local science education agendas on municipality level. Finally we have a long history of collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science.

Network and partners
In Danish Science Factory we have an extensive international network among universities, research councils, organisations and foundations.

Danish Science Factory is funded by a mix of public and private money, getting support from most of Denmark’s biggest foundations, organisations and companies. We collaborate extensively with all of the biggest science centres and relevant organisations in the informal education sector as well as a number of formal educational institutions, schools and universities.


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