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Arts and humanities

European Digital Art and Science Network

12 Nov , 2015  

The basis of the European Digital Art and Science Network is a big manifold network consisting of two scientific mentoring institutions (CERN and ESO), representing Europe’s peak in scientific research, the Ars Electronica Futurelab – providing state-of-the-art technical production possibilities in a trans disciplinary discourse, and seven European cultural partners (Center for the promotion of science, […]


EU Community

12 Nov , 2015  

EU Community is creating a series of tools and services to help you make sense of today’s EU policy-making. It provides decision makers with better policy options by combining social media interactions, qualified contributors, document curation, visual analysis and online as well as offline trust-building tools. These services are free to use and are open […]

Policy, Research and technology, Society


9 Nov , 2015  

RRI Tools is carried out by a multidisciplinary consortium consisting of 26 institutions led by “la Caixa” Foundation (Spain). This consortium brings together considerable experience in the key components of RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) across Europe. In addition, the project aims to be collaborative and inclusive in itself in order to increase creativity and shared […]

Research and technology, Resources


9 Nov , 2015  

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) is an international open data infrastructure, funded by governments. It allows anyone, anywhere to access data about all types of life on Earth, shared across national boundaries via the Internet. By encouraging and helping institutions to publish data according to common standards, GBIF enables research not possible before, and […]

Policy, Society


9 Nov , 2015  

Ecuador’s FLOK Society (Free-Libre, Open Knowledge) marked the first time a nation state commissioned a practical plan to transition to a mature Peer to Peer Economy. It was initiated to “fundamentally re-imagine Ecuador”, based on the principles of open networks, peer production and a commons of knowledge.

Research and technology


9 Nov , 2015  

The FIWARE platform provides a rather simple yet powerful set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that ease the development of Smart Applications in multiple vertical sectors. The specifications of these APIs public and royalty-free. Besides, an open open source reference implementation of each of the FIWARE components is publicly available so that multiple FIWARE providers […]

Research and technology, Smart cities


9 Nov , 2015  

The READY4SmartCities project intends to increase awareness and interoperability for the adoption of ICT and semantic technologies in energy system to obtain a reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emission at smart cities communities level through innovative relying on RTD and innovation outcomes and ICT-based solutions.


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9 Nov , 2015  

Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST) is a nonprofit organization that serves the global network of distinguished scholars, artists, scientists, researchers and thinkers through our programs focused on interdisciplinary work, creative output and innovation. From its beginnings, Leonardo/ISAST has served as THE virtual community for purposes of networking, resource-sharing, best practices, […]

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Policy, Research and technology, Society

Futurium – Digital4Science

9 Nov , 2015  

The Digital4Science platform aims to stimulate conversations on Excellence in Science and its activities around the Open Science Cloud, e-infrastructures, High Performance Computing, Future & Emerging Technologies and the FET flagships. Join the discussions on EU policies and programmes designed to support science in the digital age and to boost scientific discoveries. This link shows […]


Monitoring, Research and technology

real time monitoring ODS hashtags

23 Mar , 2015  

Click on this link for real time, real world (ODS-related hashtags) tracking/measuring/interpreting. * At this moment we only have the Spanish website and the set of hashtags is fixed. Stay tuned for a incoming refinements on this data capture and analysis platform. Detail of the community of users using hashtags related to Open Digital Science […]

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