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6 Jul , 2015  

ARTSHARE is a company focused on innovation for its Clients and Partners through research and development of applications and services by methodological means of artistic expressions.

ARTSHARE’s products are extractions from a basic multi-user based system. ARTSHARE advocates the use of EICT – Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies, as tools for mediation of communities. Our products are characterized in two ways: humanities mediation and technological developments.Regarding mediation of humanities, ARTSHARE’s products promote the creation of knowledge through virtual immersion that allows groups of users to inhabit and incorporate information, and experience it through their physical-biological body. These autoscopic informational experiences of each user are available only thanks to a special system, programmed based on interdisciplinary knowledge of its authors. ARTSHARE basic technological product is the concept of informational topology that allows a group of users in a visual environment to observe, access, manipulate and share information between themselves, and also enter information in the system. The interaction is exercised only by the position, movement and shape of the user’s body. The architectural integration of the system is done through the creation of hybrid spaces, resulting from the combination of physical and virtual spaces, and it is achieved mainly by mapping visual information over physical objects.

ARTSHARE has 10 years of experience in providing high quality services and has collaborated with numerous partners and clients including: Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal; Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, Portugal; i-DAT, Institute for Digital Arts and Technologies, University of Plymouth, UK; Vooruit – Gent, Belgium; iMAL, Centre for Digital Cultures & Technologies, Brussels, Belgium; NANO – Núcleo de Artes e Novos Organismos, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil; Secretary of State of Culture of the Portuguese Government, and the European Commision.




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